Like an architect, I offer to take over various project phases of your event management on a fee basis, coordinating with those responsible and your teams within the company:




requirement analysis, identification of special features and development of an event concept.

Coordination with all internal and external stakeholders and integration of the event in other company concepts
Development of a concept based on the results of the requirement analysis or briefing by the client
Price calculation and constant monitoring to stay within budget
Price and contract negotiation as well as research and securing potential sponsors
Planning and purchase, ranging from travel services to locations, catering, VA technology, speakers, artists, decoration and fittings, local guides etc.
Development of VA support with a pool of specialists, e.g. graphics, programming, large format digital print, booklets, music and video production etc.
Preparation of dramaturgy and staging including corresponding direction and technical rider
Coordination of all suppliers involved including briefing and management of the players
Quality control and on-site management to ensure the flexible optimisation of an ongoing event
Post-event evaluation and analysis of realisation, follow-up survey of attendees and debriefing of suppliers.
Consultation, support and training for your in-house team to ensure your company is presented in the best possible way


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