I was born in Frankurt am Main and grew up in the area. After leaving school


with the necessary qualifications to study at university, I initially intended to study pharmacy.

Time spent abroad triggered a change in direction though, to tourism, hotel industry and catering.

While training to be a travel agent and IATA specialist, I began my career with an event organiser and switched to the travel agency of a financial group where I was tasked with organising the incentive trips of the sales partners. At Creative Tours & Concepts in Ingelheim and S-Squared in Wiesbaden, I was senior project manager and responsible for planning and realising more complex events and conferences.
In 2008, I gained an additional qualification in the field of environmental economics and environmental management.

Since 2009, I have been the owner and manager of EVENT Impuls which was initially founded as a full-service agency. Now, I work as a freelance event manager with a network of MICE specialists and corresponding experts in interdisciplinary professions, offering my services on a fee basis to agencies, organisations and associations.

The name says it all - inspiring new approaches and realising them reliably is the objective of my work.



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